Training as a team builds chemistry and camaraderie, which unifies players to achieve a common goal; Win a Championship!  Go Fast Sports Performance will empower your players and coaches with the knowledge and techniques to build an ultimate athlete.  We will teach coaches how to better coach speed, strength, power, agility and flexibility while simultaneously making the athletes quicker, faster and stronger.  Team training can include any selection of all, or a few, of the seven Go Fast Performance Components.



Active Dynamic Conditioning – Most athletes do not begin to play their absolute best until five or ten minutes into their practice or game.  Active Dynamic Conditioning prepares your athletes to be their fastest, strongest and most explosive at the first second of competition.  Through a specific method of cutting-edge training techniques, athletes will raise their core body temperature, actively stretch their muscles, and ignite their nervous systems preparing them for the highest level of competition.


Maximum Speed Training –The ability to maintain ultimate sprinting speeds is essential for athletic success.  Go Fast Maximum Speed Training teaches athletes the optimal body positions to sprint their fastest for longer periods of time.  These signature techniques maximize foot speed and force creating a faster athlete.


Acceleration Training – Big plays are often made within the first few steps of the play.  Go Fast Acceleration Training educates athletes how to optimally position their bodies to fire maximal force into the ground.  This newfound knowledge and explosiveness will guarantee more game-breaking performances.


Change-of-Direction – Top athletes don't just run fast, they stop fast.  The ability to score and defend is won or lost during any change-of-direction. Learning the best method to change direction quicker and more forcefully is a skill that is invaluable on the playing field.  Through controlled plyometric training and technique development, Go Fast coaches will enhance everyone’s agility and quickness.


Vertical Jump Training- Just like a rocket blasting off into space, you must generate maximal force into the ground below you, launching your body into the air.  Our coaches develop your maximal force while teaching the correct body positions necessary to take off and land quickly and safely.  A more explosive vertical jump will bring your performance to its highest potential.


Upper Body Strength Training- Strength throughout your core and upper body is essential to performing your best.  Upper body strength enhances throwing speed, shot velocity and distance, and protection from injury.  Additionally, it allows for total body control and keeps you looking your most athletic.


Lower Body Strength Training- Your legs and core make up your athletic engine.  Stronger legs and core allow you to apply more force into the ground creating quicker acceleration, faster top speed, higher jumps, protection from injury, and fluid agility.  Lower body strength is the corner stone for peak athletic performance. 



8-10 Team-Training Sessions: 2-3 times per week. Dates and times are based on the team’s preference and Go Fast's availability.  Training sessions will be held at a field of choice to be determined.  There are no make up dates for individuals.  We reschedule the entire workout in the case of bad weather.


Each training session focuses on one or two of the Go Fast Sports Performance Components. 


Each training session lasts approximately 1 Hour. 


Cost is based on the number of athletes and number of workouts.  Complete the form below to get a price quote.