Is this camp appropriate for all levels of fitness?

Yes. You do not have to be an accomplished runner to get a lot out of this camp. We welcome beginners who are curious about the sport of running and will help you begin the process. We also will cater to those campers who have developed their running over the years and are at a Championship level of running and racing.  This camp and our diverse staff are set up to accommodate all levels in the sport. A few weeks before the camp begins, we will reach out to you and ask a series of questions that will help us determine your running fitness level.  From that questionnaire, we will place you in an appropriate group for our daily workouts.  Don't worry - we designed this camp to help each camper improve in many different areas.  However, we would suggest that in the month leading into the camp that you have a running routine that will put you in a position to take advantage of all of fun activities that we have planned for you.  


What will my son/daughter learn when attending this camp?
Campers will be exposed to a variety of workouts that address different physiological aspects of their training. While we don't expect a significant training effect from a five-day camp, the campers will be able to use the Go Fast training methods to initiate a comprehensive summer training program.  The bigger picture is that we want to teach each camper about the different aspects of training and racing. The lectures will reinforce what is being taught during the training sessions and physical activity. We also hope that we can help foster a love for running and racing; and for learning to work with others to achieve team success. The middle school and high school runners will be able to connect with other runners of similar ability to schedule training sessions.  

What age range is this camp designed to accommodate?

The camps are designed for rising 1st graders through rising 12th graders.  We offer Elite and Youth camp options covering all ages, experience and abilities.  We are receiving registrations from true beginners with just an interest in running all the way to seniors in high school who have been training and racing for many years.


Who will be serving as camp counselors?

Our staff of counselors are full time collegiate student/athletes (runners), post collegiate runners and distance coaches from regional schools that have been hand-picked by our Camp Directors.  We will have an even distribution of male and female counselors. In addition, we will have staff who will be onsite for the entire week and who will be managing our day-to-day routines, logistics, emergencies, etc.


What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

A minimum 10:1 camper to counselor ratio is maintained at the running camps. 


Can you send brochures to my team?

Yes!  We would be happy to send brochures.  Send us an email with the school/club/team name and we will get it out right away (!


Is the camp for individuals or teams? Can coaches attend?

The camp is for both individuals and teams. Because campers are broken up into training groups based on fitness and ability, teams don’t “dominate” the camp, meaning that in any given training group there’ll only be two or three campers from the same school.  Coaches are welcome to attend. Please email us at for more information.


Items to Bring to Camp

  • Completed waiver/health care form if it hasn't already been sent.  These will be emailed following registration.

  • Water bottle with the athletes name printed with permanent marker.  Bringing a snack is also recommended.

  • Appropriate running shoes and gear for the daily weather forecast.

  • Sunblock and towel.

  • Medicines (if necessary).


The camp I am interested in is full.  Do you have a waiting list?

We do offer a waiting list.  If a spot becomes available the person at the top of the waiting list has 48 hours to respond before we move to the next person on the waiting list.  You can put a son or daughter on the waiting list at the time of registration if the camp you are looking for is already full.


I want to apply to be a camp counselor. How do I go about doing that?

We appreciate your interest in being a sports camp counselor. Please email us at in order to receive an application to be a camp counselor.


What is a typical day at camp like?

7:50 a.m.     Arrive to camp

8:00 a.m.     Morning meeting

8:30 a.m.     Dynamic warm-up and stretching

9:00 a.m      Training run and instruction

10:15 a.m.   Cool-down and stretching

10:40 a.m.   Education session & guest speakers

11:00 a.m.   Departure


What training methods are used during this camp?

We espouse training methods that follow the traditional "hard, then easy" philosophy of training; however, in order to introduce all of the different workouts and skills, we often have a little more "hard" than "easy". This being said, we balance that by keeping the volume of these more challenging elements to a level that allows all campers the chance to have their bodies recover for the next days' activities.  We also promote the concept that "Runners Run" so we look to make sure that we promote the idea that for improvement, runners need to be consistent with their running. This being said, we obviously appreciate the positive effect of cross training and look to provide a quality variety of these elements; taught by experts in these areas.


If my son/daughter is a novice, should they attend this camp?

We can provide a positive experience for almost any camper, and have had great results in tailoring workouts and training to appropriate levels. It is recommended that all campers be able to run at least 3 miles comfortably (1 1/2 to 2 miles for 1st through 5th grade athletes), and have done this for 3-4 times per week for the weeks leading up to the camp. A beginners training program will be emailed if your athlete is new to the sport. We also expect that campers will arrive with a positive attitude toward learning, and are prepared to have significant amounts of FUN!  


How can I learn more about this sport?

There are many websites dedicated to the sports of Cross Country, Track & Field, and Road Racing. There are also numerous books and articles at your local library. Local high school and university level coaches may also be resources for you. 


Can I be sure that my son or daughter is safe at camp?

Camper safety is our number one priority. The majority of our staff are high school coaches, licensed in CPR and first aid. While out on runs we break into small groups with a minimum of two counselors per group, ensuring that campers are always accompanied by staff, with quick access to first aid.  Go Fast Running Camp has a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan prepared especially for our location.


What if its bad weather?

We will do everything in our power to hold camp. We will still try to hold camp in rain and heat. Please be aware in cases of severe weather such as prolonged thunder/lightening and temperatures over 100, there is a chance camp will be modified to take place at an indoor location or canceled. We will do our best to make a decision as early as possible with notices of cancellation posted on


My child can no longer attend camp. Can we get a refund?

We are sorry they are going to miss out on the fun, but we are not able to issue refunds.  You will receive credit for another Go Fast Camp.  Your runner will still receive his/her camp training tank/shirt if you are not able attend a Go Fast camp. 

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